Saturday, July 12, 2008

Back to Blogging....

One of the wonderful things about being on a collaborative, multi-disciplinary project is that throughout the summer we have numerous engineers coming to Beijing to work with us. We also have several visitors at different times this summer. During the past couple of weeks, Professor Jim Smith and Dr. Mary Lynn Baeck from Princeton and Rafal Lewicki, a graduate student from Rice University, came to Beijing. Jim and Mary Lynn are involved in both the QCLOPS project and the WRF-Chem modeling project. Rafal came to set up the NO sensor that he co-designed and built. We were so busy both working and playing tourist during their visits that we didn't blog, but we now will try to catch up with the photos that we didn't post during the past couple of weeks! We have several new team members coming this week and perhaps they will be better than us about keeping the blog up to date!

- anna

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