Saturday, July 12, 2008

Flashback to June's Birthday Weekend

June 23rd was June's Birthday! June and I spent the morning at the Dirt Market. It has a Chinese name that I can't pronounce. It was a very interesting market with all sorts of things from Mao watches to fake antiques to thousands of Chinese books. We could have spent all day there! I plan to go back to the dirt market one of these weekends. It apparently opens at 4 am but I have no intention of going so early!

Dr. Wang invited us and his students for a lunch feast complete with a giant birthday cake! Meals in China always seem to be feasts to me but Dr. Wang always tells me that you don't gain weight in China, but I still am not convinced. There are always so many dishes and so much food. It is amazing. Look how big the cake was and how happy June is!

Yan's sister-in-law took us to another market. This time it was an indoor market that sold everything you have ever wanted in one place. I think it was about 6 stories!
(Roxanne- We thought of you at this market! Can you guess why?)

We also enjoyed dinner in a courtyard house in a hutong. I really love the hutongs as the architecture is so unique and beautiful.

More photos and posts to come!

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