Friday, June 13, 2008

Field Site Selection

We are working this summer at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics - Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing. Our host is Professor Wang Zifa. There are two main locations of this Institute, the modeling site and the tower site, both are within a few miles to the main Olympic stadium. On Wednesday, Professor Wang took Yan and I on a tour of the Institute to scope out the field site where we will be working. Our summer work involves both modeling and field work and both IAP and Princeton are interested in the integration of the two. MIRTHE will be deploying two instruments for field testing at IAP this summer and we needed to locate ideal sites for each. Each instrument has its own unique set of requirements and we found two different locations that meet our needs. We did manage to get locked on one of the roofs while scoping out the sites but luckily Dr. Wang had his iphone so could call one of his graduate students to open the door! The good thing about working at the tower site is that you can see the tower from quite far away so we can't really get too lost! Did you notice how blue the sky is on this day?- anna

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