Sunday, June 15, 2008

Friday the 13th

Today was the worst air quality so far, thus, I decided to do the logical thing and venture out to take photos of the Olympic venue in the pollution. It was unbelievable and hopefully these photos can described at least somewhat what I saw and felt. The Olympics are set to begin in less than 2 months and they are still building. Around the Olympic venues, buses are lined up ready and streets are waiting to be opened; yet, everything is coated in this thick layer of dust and the air is thick. The streets are being lined with flowers in preparation for the Olympics. I took a photo of the apartment building that we are living in, the tall reddish high rise. The rest of the photos I took as I walked around the Olympic venue. Some are of Olympic buildings and some of neighboring buildings. You can see that they are still building. I realized that I had not seen the sun until I took the photo with the sun peeping through the smog. We think that the tower that you see is where the Olympic flame will go. I went with June to get some lunch and she hid herself from the smog. We met the amazon delivery man who kindly let me take his photo. So far, except for one cranky taxi driver, everyone has been extremely nice and helpful to me. - anna

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