Friday, June 13, 2008

June Arrives in Beijing

June has arrived safely in Beijing. We passed through a beautiful tollbooth on the way to the airport. The Jersey turnpike should take note...
I was very happy to find out that across from the International arrivals gate is a Starbucks. You can sit and drink a latte while watching for your arriving passengers! I also stocked up on blueberry muffins for the next few mornings since baked goods aren't easy to find here. We don't have an oven in our kitchen (not that I will be baking) since Chinese cooking doesn't include baking apparently.
The apartment where we are living is located close to IAP which is also very close to the Olympic center. Our apartment is basically located across a highway from the main Olympic buildings. One of them looks like it is in the shape of the torch and has giant tv screens on the side. They seem to still be building that one but test images on the screens. I wonder if they will broadcast events on the screens or if it will be for advertisements? June and I went to look at the Water Cube at night. The Water Cube is the Olympic Aquatics Center and looks really cool at night when it is all lit up.

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